Subscription Stories: True Tales from the Trenches

--- Robbie Kellman Baxter ---

Subscription models are crazy powerful. Savvy small companies can easily deploy them to knock huge Goliaths off kilter. We’ve seen it in entertainment, software, hardware, news, retail, hospitality—the list goes on. In her podcast series, Robbie Kellman Baxter interviews the leaders of this revolution about how they’re using subscription pricing and membership models to redefine the biggest industries and generate predictable recurring revenue along the way.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Developing a Minimum Viable Subscription Product at Nike with Dave Cobban

    Launching something new is always tricky. It can be especially challenging be entrepreneurial inside a global brand like Nike. You want to align with the broader goals of the organization while also staying nimble and creative. When you’re also introducing subscription models into a transactionally oriented organization, the stakes ...


  2. Freemium, Free Trial and Free Surprises with Elena Verna of Reforge. When Does It Make Sense to Give It Away, and When Doesn't It?

    Many businesses struggle to decide what should go behind the paywall, and what should be free. Some experts say nothing should be free. But monetization expert Elena Verna of Reforge has come to believe in the power of “free” through her work with organizations including Miro, Survey Monkey and Malwarebytes. In her conversation with ...


  3. Building a Content Machine to Support Your Subscribers with EntrepreneurOnFire's John Lee Dumas

    How much content is too much? If you have really honed down to your ideal audience, the answer is there will never be enough. Indeed, you have to practically create a content machine to support the needs of your avatar because they would simply love it! With an uncanny stroke ...


  4. When & How to Scale Your eCommerce Subscription Operations with Matt Fiedler of Vinyl Me, Please

    Now that you have launched your subscription model, it’s time to operationalize your business. For this, you will need a real team, systems to support your processes, and metrics to let you know how the business is doing. This episode’s guest, Matt Fiedler, is the co-founder and chairman at ...


  5. Using an eCommerce Subscription to Change the World with OurShelves' Alli Harper

    Most subscription entrepreneurs initially are attracted to the model for its predictable recurring revenue, but there are other benefits to having an ongoing relationship with members. Alli Harper works at the intersection of subscription eCommerce and social impact. Dedicated to the advocacy of promoting diversity in the picture book industry, Alli ...