Building an Educational Subscription at Scale with LinkedIn Learning’s Jill Raines

Episode 47 October 05, 2022 00:35:21
Building an Educational Subscription at Scale with LinkedIn Learning’s Jill Raines
Subscription Stories: True Tales from the Trenches
Building an Educational Subscription at Scale with LinkedIn Learning’s Jill Raines

Oct 05 2022 | 00:35:21


Show Notes

You’re probably all familiar with LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as It’s LinkedIn’s professional development platform. They offer more than 18,000 video courses available via subscription. There’s a huge range of educational topics covered—from how to use Adobe Aftereffects, to how to have difficult conversations, to the fundamentals of customer success .

Consumers can subscribe to LinkedIn Learning on their own, or access the platform through an enterprise license.

My guest today, Jill Raines, is Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, where she leads the LinkedIn Learning Business.

I first got to know her when I was developing my own LinkedIn Learning courses for the platform. I was interested in the business model for the platform. I have learned so much through my discussions with Jill. It’s fascinating to get her perspective on the unique challenges and opportunities facing the world’s largest professional development and educational platform,

In this conversation, Jill and I discuss the LinkedIn ecosystem, and LinkedIn's Forever Promise more generally, before diving into the role of LinkedIn Learning within that ecosystem. We also talk about the specific challenges of professional development subscriptions, how to balance the needs of consumers with the needs of enterprise customers, and whether to offer both pay per course and subscriptions as pricing options.


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