Managing Subscription Partnerships for HBO Max Across Multiple Channels with WarnerMedia's Molly O'Connor

Episode 28 May 19, 2021 00:36:11
Managing Subscription Partnerships for HBO Max Across Multiple Channels with WarnerMedia's Molly O'Connor
Subscription Stories: True Tales from the Trenches
Managing Subscription Partnerships for HBO Max Across Multiple Channels with WarnerMedia's Molly O'Connor

Show Notes

Much has been written about the so-called "Streaming Wars." The market for streaming video content is crowded with players, each with unique strengths - from Netflix's digital native, early adopter status, the platform power of Apple and Amazon, to the highly specific and valuable content of niche players like Crunchy Roll or the History Channel, whom we recently profiled on this show. Anyone interested in subscription models can learn a lot from understanding the diverging strategies of streaming players, many of whom number among the most powerful companies in the world.

Today's guest, Molly O'Connor leads Business Planning Strategy for WarnerMedia Sales Distribution, HBO Max, Cinemax and Turner Networks, all US distribution partners. That means she's responsible for managing the (sometimes competing) demands of the consumers, cable and satellite partners, and the app stores, weaving these disparate products and partners into a single cohesive strategy.

In our conversation, we discuss how to think about balancing direct and indirect channels, how a subscription offering can achieve strategic and/or financial objectives and the nerdy world of subscription math.


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