Bestselling Author Nir Eyal on How to Ethically Hook Your Subscribers

Episode 45 September 07, 2022 00:36:49
Bestselling Author Nir Eyal on How to Ethically Hook Your Subscribers
Subscription Stories: True Tales from the Trenches
Bestselling Author Nir Eyal on How to Ethically Hook Your Subscribers

Sep 07 2022 | 00:36:49


Show Notes

To drive recurring revenue, you need products and services that people use. Habitually. Repeatedly. Organizations strive to design addictive subscriptions. But for every beloved membership, there seem to be a dozen offerings that drive subscription fatigue. How do you design for engagement, retention and expansion, while ensuring the you’ve earned the right to do so?

Bestselling author Nir Eyal has looked at this problem from both sides. 

His first book, Hooked, is a how to guide for building habit-forming products.

More recently, he wrote Indistractable, to help individuals control their attention and choose the lives they want.

On this episode of Subscription Stories, Nir and I talk about the specific processes and tools that drive habits, what it means for your subscription business, and how to be more deliberate about how we form our own habits.


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