The Right Teams & Culture for Subscription Growth with Gannett-USA Today Network CMO Mayur Gupta

Episode 37 December 01, 2021 00:31:18
Subscription Stories: True Tales from the Trenches
The Right Teams & Culture for Subscription Growth with Gannett-USA Today Network CMO Mayur Gupta

Show Notes

Mayur Gupta is the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Gannett – USA Today Network. He is responsible for leading the transformation of Gannett into a subscription platform that is obsessed with user value and not just site traffic.


Mayur is responsible to actualize Gannett’s mission to build trusted local communities where people thrive. This is not his first time driving growth among subscribers. Prior to Gannett, he was CMO of the subscription meal company Freshly and before that, Mayur was Global VP for Growth & Marketing at Spotify.


Mayur was recently named to Forbes’ list of the World’s most influential CMOs of 2021. 


In this conversation, we talk about the kind of teams needed for sustainable long-term subscription success, the role of “growth” as an emerging discipline and his formula for creating a flywheel for growth that can work at any kind of company.


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